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What is Hypnobirthing?

what is hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal training programme. Some people are put off by the word ‘hypno’ thinking it involves stage hypnosis or associate it with the ‘hippie’ life. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is commonly known as the ‘Fear-Tension-Pain cycle’ plays a huge part in a woman’s mind and body when they think about labour and during birthing . This theory describes how a rush of adrenaline ( natural response to a fight or flight situation) if it is experienced during birthing  will suppress oxytocinon and hence delay the birth. Adrenaline will not just suppress the birth hormone but it will also cause pain as the uterus becomes tense as a result of reduced blood supply.  This negative cycle  must be understood by parents to enable clarity on the importance of a calm environment, the release of endorphins and a positive mental approach to facilitate a relaxed birth. In essence hypnobirthing teaches and empowers the birthing mother and her birthing partner to work together to reverse the affects of stress, to let the birthing hormones do their job!

Hypnobirthing works by not only reducing the fear and worries of the birthing process but also giving mothers and their partners  an understanding of how their birthing body works. During our hypnobirthing sessions, we give the best tips, tools and golden nuggets to use at birth in order to positively enhance the experience. The main objective in hypnobirthing is to be in control, to feel calm and confident, no matter what turn the birth takes.

How does it work?

The techniques used are gentle yet effective.

Hypnobirthing sessions begin by learning correct breathing techniques – diaphragmatic breathing;  this allows the body to lower stress levels by reducing adrenaline and increasing the feel good hormones, ‘endorphins’.

Also, relaxation techniques and antenatal education empowers a woman and her partner to birth fully in control, without anxiety, no matter what turn the birth takes.  It encourages a woman and her partner to remain positive throughout the birth and to work with the body and mind to gain control over her labour. It promotes birth as a natural bodily function. Hypnobirthing also uses visualisation, massage and the use of anchors such as positive affirmations. These all help to redirect the birthing mother’s thoughts, to detach her from her focus on any pain.They help by putting her focus on automatic pilot, this is a natural state of mind and occurs regularity in your day eg it is the same as when you are driving the same route home, you arrive and don’t remember passing the signs. The mind was on automatic pilot . It is a state of consciousness requiring focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness of the outside world.

This is hypnobirthing! Breathing correctly, deep relaxation, massage, positive affirmations, an informed, in-tune   birthing partner and a quiet, calm environment.

Everything taught through our hypnobirthing sessions makes sense – it has a good mix of science, experience and wisdom. Using hypnobirthing techniques during birth makes a real difference to a woman’s experience.

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