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Membrane Sweeps – Everything you need to know

If you reach your estimated due date, you may be offered a membrane sweep. Ask questions to make sure that you feel comfortable with it. You should know what the risks and alternatives are. A common reason for induction of labour is that the baby may be ‘overdue’. There may be other reasons why induction of labour […]

Skin-to-skin contact with your baby

The simple act of snuggling your baby on your bare chest has powerful benefits and helps babies adjust and adapt to life outside of the womb. Skin-to-skin. So Simple. Hugely Powerful. It is as simple as it sounds and is when baby snuggles on mum or dad’s chest bare chest, covered in a warm blanket. […]

Getting to know your baby before birth

You don’t need to wait until your baby is born to get to know them. Getting to know your baby can begin during your pregnancy or maybe even before conception. Your relationship with your baby, like all relationships, needs nurturing. As baby is growing in your womb you may feel that you are gradually getting […]

Hormones and birth: the role of oxytocin

You will have four major hormonal systems active when you are in labour and after birth. A cocktail of hormones that nature prescribes. You and your baby are born with the natural ability to go into labour and give birth, breastfeed and become deeply bonded to each other. The flow of hormones in your body drives […]

How to handle morning sickness

            Approximately 70-80% of pregnant women experience morning sickness to some degree. For most women, symptoms are relatively mild. However, vomiting and nausea can be severe for around 3% of pregnant women who experience it, particularly in the first trimester. This is called hyperemesis gravidarum. If you are experiencing morning sickness […]

Everything you need to know about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may be natural but it’s also a skill that takes practice. About one in three mums need extra support at some point. If you have good information, support and the confidence you need, you are likely to be able to overcome any difficulties. BirthDays offers a ‘baby feeding’ course which covers everything you need […]

How to own your birthing room

When you think of a birthing room do you see something in your mind’s eye from a TV programme like ‘One Born Every Minute’? A clinical, bright room, similar to an operating theatre. Would you feel relaxed in a place like this to birth your baby or feel secure and supported? If you are not […]